HERMES vinyl kelly bag (authentic)

My wishlist often included a authentic HERMES birkin/kelly 35cm. However, it is too expensive to afford. A Jelly birkin was quite hit in few years ago even Sarah Jessica Parker has one. However, this bag is a copycat and being sued by HERMES for trademark violation. Fortunately, miracle always happen. As I was in Japan 2 months ago and notice a Hermes vinyl kelly in a second hand shop. The store manager told me it is a souvenir for guest attended to Hermes exhibition "hermes un voyage pays des merveilles(不思議の國 エルメスへの旅) " in Japan 1997.not for sold sorry.

It included original paper bag and a catalogue too. The price is around 20000 yen,around $200.

After googling for the exhibition. I returned to shop and grab my bag. As it is transparent, I usually match it with a dust bag from my other hermes handbag. The bag is so cute. And it is youthful than a classic one. P.S already got it from FSH