Marc jacobs paper bag style tote sweet 2011 1

Marc jacobs paper bag style tote
looks like a paper bga but actually make of polyester, similar to the stylish bag designed by chanel
100% authentic, official gift of Japanese magazine SWEET 2011 January issue

Brand new in original box
Similar bag cost $100 in store, chanel has designed a paper bag look like this cost USD$2000
Type : tote bag
Size: 38cm x 28 cm x 14cm , Material :polyester , Color "navy blue
Price USD$13.99 + $5.99
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Item location: Hong Kong

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Coach poppy 2011 diary year planner

1000% authentic , gift of Japanese magazine "gisele" 2010 12 issue,available in Japan only,
not sold in shop,Brand new in original package


tartan cover design with cute Poppy chan illustration on each month
total 64pages ,size 17.5cm x 13cmc
Shipped as registered airmail
all sold out,thank you

Item location: Hong Kong
Delivery time:10-14 days
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Yves Saint Laurent 2010 black bow bag (YSL vol 2 e mook gift)

10000% authentic , official gift of YSL 2010 vol 2 catalog ( e mook) in JAPAN
Brand new in Box,YSL embroidery logo on bow of bag
click to enlarge the picture

Black canvas, pink lining , 1 inner pocket, magnetic closure
YSL beauty label inside the bag
Size : 35cm x 32cm x 9cm
Can put A4 size document
Price usd$19.99 + 13.99 shipping
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delivery time :10-14 days
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Coach x Miss 2010 furoshiki scarf can be bag wrap or hair band

1000% authentic , gift of japanese magazine MISS 2010 11 issue.
Sold out in Japan. Hard to find everywhere. Brand new in original package.

Comes with violet red signature style or op art purple style. Both scarfs can be hair band or bag wrap , a coach label at the corner of the scarf.

Material: Polyester, (machine washable)
Color : violet red / purple ,Size:70cm x 70cm

Ship as registered airmail
signature violet red Price $16.99 + $8.99 shipping
op art purple Price $19.99 + $8.99 shipping
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Cath kidston fly to uk twin rose bag set

Cath Kidston rose twin bag set,100%authentic ,Official Gift of Cath kidston Japanese catalog fly to the uk,similar products sold for over USD 60 in store

Brand new in Box (catalog not included due to weight issue)
Set included a big tote big and small bag

Style: Candy flowers. Color: Beige , material: cotton ( thick)

Big tote has 1 front pocket with velcro clsoure

Big Tote bag Size :41cm x 30 cm x14cm

Small bag Size: :25cm x 17.5cm x 9cm

shipped as registered airmail
delivery time:10-14days

price USD $24.98 + 12.98 shipping

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Testimonial for 1DesignerGift

designer gifts still has it for sale on their site. They get all the magazine free gifts and sell them (not my site). Many of the girls on here have purchased from them and they are legit."

Op Art Headband- Japan exclusive?? Thread#15

kn1ghtmare says: January 10, 2011

I as a rule, do not order from anywhere overseas, but this seller has made me make an exception. No problems, prompt shipping, and delivery. Above and beyond with comunication. Do not worry about item not being delivered, or any other problems! Just an all around great homest seller! We so need more like this!!!

"It was given away as a free gift in the Steady Issue !It's so cute!!!! Bigger than I thought it would be but it's nice! Annnddddd I only paid 18.99 w/ ship!!!!"
Exclusive Coach item from China! Not sold in U.S.! Page 2 thred#16

Default "my new goodies from Japan"

authentic Chanel hair band headband badge

Chanel rogue coco hair accessories /ponytail holder /badge
1000% authentic and brand new , gift of Chanel rouge coco lipstick,original is a badge, a word "with compliments of chanel " printed at the side of badge, we have handcraft it as a ponytail holder , you can use it as a badge to decorate chain bag too.

price listed is for 1 badge only
you can choose from color #1 ,2. 3 or 4
size :4.3cm diameter
shipped as registered airmail
price is USD 29.99 free shipping
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select color

delivery time:10-14 days
item location: hong kong
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D&G 2010 winter tale tote bag (gift of Dolce Gabbana 2010 Autumn winter e mook)

DOLCE & GABBANA D&G winter tale tote bag

10000% authentic , gift of D&G 2010 Autumn winter e mook Japanese catalog, same series clothes sold for usd$500 in store

Brand new in Box(magazine excluded due to weight issue)
Style: 2010 AW winter tale series
type: tote bag , can put on shoudler and fit a3 size document
1 inner pocket
material: thick canvas
color : red x beige
Size:41cmx 34cm x 10cm
Shipped as registered airmail
Price: USD29.99 + 11.99 postage (around SGD$57)

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item location: Hong Kong
Delivery time:10-14 days
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