Japanese Magazine freebies FAQ

Are they authentic?
Yes, as advertisement in Japan is very expensive. So top labels usually design a special gift (furoku )as add on for Japanese magazine. And in return, they got a free advertisement opportunities in this top magazine. And this promotion both increase the sales of magazine and save promotion cost for the brand in Japan. It is a win win situation. So those items are 100% authentic .

What they are so cheap?
Usually the magazine price in Japan is under $19. Also. we do not mark up too much, thus you can get those cute gifts at low cost.

How can I trust you, you are so new?
We already have over 900 feedback in Bonanzle + ebay + ioffer + ebid, the reason we open a blogshop just hope can let many customer collect those cute gifts. Please check our feedback

When should I receive my item?
US and North America 10-14 days Asia , Australia and Europe 7-10 days

Why the shipping is high?
Because we ship your item as registered airmail. It make sure the item can arrive you safely and auto insured.