About 1DesignerGift and Japazine

1DesignerGift is oversea version of Japazine which been selling and wholesale Japanese Magazine Freebies since 2008. We ve been sold over 12000+ items and being reported on local magazine. Customer came from Singapore to Russia. 30% of our oversea customer are reseller. They resell on ebay or local boutique and make 100% profits. For wholesale order, we free upgrade to EMS so you can organise a spree in your own countries and we deliver it within 48 hours to you. Buy with confidence! All transaction are protect by paypal.

designer gifts still has it for sale on their site. They get all the magazine free gifts and sell them (not my site). Many of the girls on here have purchased from them and they are legit."
Op Art Headband- Japan exclusive?? Thread#15

"It was given away as a free gift in the Steady Issue !It's so cute!!!! Bigger than I thought it would be but it's nice! Annnddddd I only paid 18.99 w/ ship!!!!"
Exclusive Coach item from China! Not sold in U.S.! Page 2 thred#16